Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2022

A word from our president and secretary general

Foreword by the president

We are excited to share with you our Wine in Moderation annual report for 2022. This year has been a time of growth and change for our Programme, as we continue to encourage balanced and healthy lifestyles and well-being, moderate and responsible drinking patterns, while preserving the heritage of wine. In this report, we are proud to give you a complete overview of our achievements, progress, and the proactive steps taken by our valued members during this period.

The year 2022 marked the end of COVID’s impact on our daily lives. Over the past two years, we saw how our daily routine, work environment, and important events were affected by the pandemic, but were happy to slowly emerge from this challenging time, as we started to reconnect, attend important gatherings, and overall regain a sense of normality in our work.

I strongly believe in the power and importance of this Programme as it represents a collective effort within our sector, a proactive approach, and a deep understanding of the science behind our traditions, diets, lifestyles, and overall well-being. It is about recognising how wine is intertwined with every aspect of our lives. By joining our movement, members and partners around the world show they care about their customers’ well-being, but also demonstrate their commitment to educating them about how to enjoy wine in a healthy and balanced way.

While we faced challenging times, with the years 2020-2021 testing our ability to adapt as interactions changed, work transformed, and projects were reshaped; these experiences made us stronger. Today we are proud to see that the commitment of the sector has not diminished, quite the opposite.

Are we actively shaping the world we desire? Are we contributing to the sustainability of the wine sector? In 2022, Wine in Moderation made significant strides in promoting responsible and moderate wine consumption. Through education, partnerships, and covid-19, we continue to encourage moderation and social responsibility within the wine sector. I invite you to read through this report which will give you a glimpse of the work that was achieved during this year, and the motivation that guides our every action.

Sandro Sartor President, WiM Association

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Portrait of Sandro Sartor
Portrait of Nadia Frittella

End note by the Secretary General

As we conclude another remarkable year, we reflect upon what we have achieved, the challenges we have overcome, and the journey we embarked upon together more than a decade ago. It is with pride that we present to you our 2022 annual report, a testimony to our commitment and our collective efforts to promote a sustainable culture of wine.

2020 marked the launch of our Brand and Association strategies which have continued to unfold, putting new tools and materials at the disposal of our members and supporters. It is always a great reward to see them being used and distributed with a common goal to inspire healthy lifestyles and well-being.

In 2022, we also continued reconnecting with our long-standing partners and we were proud to witness the ever-growing interest and commitment of existing members and supporters. The arrival of a new National Coordinator in central Europe was also an important tribute to the work that other national associations have been doing over the years, showing their efforts, and inspiring others to join them in their adventure. Developing this implementation report is always a great way to acknowledge the numerous individuals and organisations that are committed to Wine in Moderation and who have devoted time and effort to encourage the sustainability of our societies and the promotion of healthy and modern lifestyles.

As we close 2022, we are proud of what was achieved in the frame of the Wine in Moderation programme but also for the endless dedication of our colleagues around the world. To our members, partners, and supporters, thank you for your trust and endless support. Your commitment to our Programme and your belief in our vision for a sustainable culture of wine has been the driving force behind our accomplishments, and your responsible choices and commitment to moderate wine consumption are the ultimate testament to the positive change we are striving for. Today, we feel grateful for the important groundwork and dedication that has been invested in developing new information and tools with professionals and consumers around the world.

We look forward to continuing working together to make a difference in the way people appreciate wine… in moderation.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Nadia Frittella Secretary General, WiM Association