Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2021

Communication Campaigns & events

Communication Campaigns

Inspired by the culinary and cultural heritage of wine, our campaigns, as well as those of our members, aim at promoting moderation and responsibility in wine drinking as a cultural and social norm.

Well-structured and targeted campaigns to inform consumers continued in 2021 and new initiatives were launched.

Focus on
social media

With the goal to become a movement that involves both professionals and consumers in supporting and promoting a sustainable culture of wine, the Wine in Moderation Secretariat has been increasing the use of social media as a means of communication.

Although we have opened an all-year-long dialogue with our audience, we take advantage of special international dates and celebrations to gain more visibility and link our messages to what we truly believe.

It is in this frame that two specific social media campaigns were developed in 2021: respectively in the occasion of the UN Road Safety Week and the World Breastfeeding Week.

UN Road Safety Week

Aimed at raising awareness and encouraging people to advocate for better safety conditions on the roads, the UN Road Safety Week took place between 17 and 23 May 2021. For the occasion, numerous posts were published on different social media platforms to inform the audience about the risks of drinking and driving and the importance of always choosing to be responsible, either by designating a driver or by taking a taxi or public transport home.

The content of the posts shared on LinkedIn and Twitter mainly addressed professionals of the wine sector, giving them tips on how to share information on the topic with their customers and what to do to facilitate the correct application of those principles.

Instagram was used to reach consumers directly, the posts published through this medium thus focused more on the core message to raise awareness of the general public.

Breastfeeding Week

It is advised to avoid wine and other alcoholic beverages during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This information is an important part of the message we share with consumers and professionals around the world. It was therefore only natural to take part in this large campaign. Indeed, when an alcoholic beverage is consumed during pregnancy, the alcohol travels through the mother’s blood and into the baby’s blood, tissues and organs. This can lead to foetal alcohol syndrome in case of excessive drinking, and lifelong damages such as malformation of the embryo, brain damage, poor growth, premature birth and low weight, learning problems, and other less severe birth defects or complications. In addition, scientific research suggests that alcohol passes through the milk and may have a negative effect on the psychomotor development of the baby.

We took the opportunity of this campaign, which took place from 1 to 7 August 2021, to raise the significance of this important message by publishing a number of posts on our Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Smaller campaigns were also developed in the occasion of other international days, such as the International Soil Day, World Tourism Day, Sustainable Gastronomy Day, Earth Day, etc.

Our members’ campaigns

  • Social media have been used extensively by all our members in their communication to the public about the Wine in Moderation programme and messages. Among others, AEVP launched a campaign with the aim to promote the “CHOOSE, SHARE, CARE” message. The campaign was built around Instagram and Facebook posts, the creation of an animated video and a giveaway for their followers.

  • Later in the year, ACIBEV, our other National Coordinator in Portugal, released a new spot on social responsibility when consuming wine. The campaign « No more no less » was broadcast both on national TV and streaming services between 20 November and 31 December to encourage moderate consumption patterns during the holiday period.

  • With the aim of encouraging similar initiatives among its constituencies, through the specific guidelines for responsible commercial communication, FEV, in Spain, re-designed and updated its Code for Commercial Communication, making it more visually appealing and accessible to users.

  • In January, Vin et Société launched the campaign “ A good wine can be served with anything, never without moderation ” creating a website where users can take a quiz to discover their profile(s) on the basis of their taste in both food and wine but also food and wine pairing recommendations, suggested according to the results of the quiz. Inviting the public to share their result on social media with a specific hashtag and involving four celebrity chefs at a later stage of the campaign, this initiative succeeded in bringing to the attention of a wide audience the link between wine, food and moderation.

  • Last but not least, the optimization of websites to inform consumers about responsible consumption and proudly show the commitment to the promotion of a sustainable culture of wine: ASOVINOS and Sogrape renewed their websites, giving more space to responsible consumption and integrating information on the topic through new dedicated sections.

Participation at conferences and events

In 2021, we continued learning about the mechanics of online meetings and witnessed the emergence of hybrid events. Wine in Moderation was present at different events around the world through the participation of the Wine in Moderation Secretariat and its members.

The topics of sustainability and responsible consumption remained at the heart of numerous initiatives organised by WiM Association members.

Wine in Moderation proudly participated, as a partner, to the “2nd Science & Wine World Congress. Wine and Olive Oil Production: the Fluid Aspect of Mediterranean Diet” which took place online from 2 to 4 June 2021. George Sandeman, former president of Wine in Moderation, and Ursula Fradera, Wine Information Council scientific coordinator, had the pleasure to present the Wine in Moderation initiative in the “presence” of numerous prominent international scientists.

  • Bodegas de Argentina organised different events throughout the year. In the occasion of the International Malbec day, Bodegas de Argentina and their partners developed the campaign “Celebrate life with Malbec” in which they embraced the message of the Wine in Moderation programme and encouraged participants to enjoy tasting wine in good company. Responsible consumption was also the focus of thematic talks during the “Encuentro de Vinos Bonaerenses” and the initiative “Vino el Cine”, two events that combined wine culture and entertainment activities, such as games, music and movies.

  • Thanks to the collaboration with a number of universities, Wine in Moderation has been able to reach students and future wine professionals, and inform them about responsible consumption, social sustainability, and moderation. For example, the Deutsche Weinakademie was invited by the university of Geisenheim to hold a webinar, “Wine advertising - in the political context”, covering topics like responsible advertising and commercial communication. The webinar was also an occasion to present the Wine in Moderation programme.

  • Wine in Moderation was also part of the initiative “Wines and Lives” that took place at the Complutense University of Madrid, where OIVE, the Spanish interprofessional Organisation of Wine, was present with a summer course to share knowledge about, not only wine culture, history and Mediterranean diet, but also moderate wine consumption.

  • Wine in Moderation was also included in our members’ broader sustainability strategies. Ruffino mentioned the Programme and their recent adhesion as Ambassador Company during the presentation of their Sustainability Report. Along the same lines, Bodegas de Argentina incorporated a section dedicated to Wine in Moderation in their Sustainability Protocol, presented as the unique programme for the promotion of responsible consumption of wine.

  • In Portugal, Wine in Moderation was present at two major events, thanks to ACIBEV and Sogrape. In May, during, a new social responsibility short movie was displayed throughout the event and leaflets containing information about responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages were distributed.

    In July, at the Essência do Vinho fair, ACIBEV gave the opportunity to visitors to enter a driving simulator and experience how it is to drive under the influence of alcoholic beverages through the use of special glasses that reflect different BAC levels. Sogrape developed a poster with a QR code distributed at the venue, allowing visitors to download a leaflet containing information about the Wine in Moderation guidelines for a moderate and responsible consumption of wine and the new messages under the “Choose | Share | Care” tagline.

Past years’ appointments were repeated this year, such as the Wine in Moderation Forum organised by Bodegas de Argentina, Copa-Cogeca’s annual harvest event or Sogrape’s annual WiM week that aims to present the latest updates on the Wine in Moderation programme and discuss the sustainability of the sector.