Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2022

Communication Campaigns & events

Communication Campaigns

Inspired by the culinary and cultural heritage of wine, our campaigns, as well as those of our members, aim at promoting moderation and responsibility in wine drinking as a cultural and social norm. Well-structured and targeted campaigns to inform consumers continued in 2022 and new initiatives were launched.

Our members’

Our community of members and supporters grows alongside our commitment to promote moderation and responsible consumption of wine. This can be seen through their invaluable initiatives. Among others, the communication campaigns adapting the Wine in Moderation message to the different national contexts and languages where the Programme operates.

As every year, AEVP revived its Wine in Moderation campaign at the beginning of the autumn with the aim to raise knowledge on moderate and responsible consumption patterns. The campaign, which ran until the end of the year, was visible in a number of important national media, among which TV and online newspapers, as well as on social media, across cinemas and outdoor display panels.

member campaigns

On the International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day, Vin & Société, National Coordinator in France, invited influential women in wine, who are also mothers, to share their own experience. Holding different positions in the wine industry (sommelier, wine consultant, wine influencer), these women highlighted how important it is to remind any mother-to-be that drinking alcohol while pregnant can harm the health of the baby. As a preventable condition, it is thus crucial to raise public awareness about prenatal alcohol exposure.

In Argentina, National Coordinator Bodegas de Argentina made sure to include moderation and responsibility in existing campaigns, such as the campaign #ElegíCuidarte. They also celebrated a responsible consumption day through awareness, education and communication to promote the responsible consumption of wine. Materials were produced (table tents and stickers with the campaign slogan and a QR with access to all the information available on the website) destined to wineries, bars, food, and wine shops.

Participation at conferences and events

Alongside trade fairs, regular events also resumed in 2022. Wine in Moderation was present at different events around the world through the participation of the Wine in Moderation Secretariat and its members.

The topics of sustainability and responsible consumption remained at the heart of numerous initiatives organised by WiM Association members.

For the first time since its inception, the Italian Wine Tourism Movement promoted Wine in Moderation at Cantine Aperte. Organised by the Italian Wine Tourism Movement (MTV), Cantine Aperte opened the doors of over 600 Italian wineries to wine enthusiasts, and showcased not only wine tastings but also a variety of activities, including workshops, exhibitions, and concerts, reflecting the latest trends in wine tourism. MTV seized the opportunity to introduce Wine in Moderation to Italian wine lovers, emphasising the importance of responsible wine consumption, and distributed informative kits featuring the Wine in Moderation logo, consumption guidelines, and tips for both consumers and professionals, to participating wineries. As Nicola D’Auria, President of MTV, highlighted, “Cantine Aperte provides an ideal platform to educate and encourage conscious wine consumption. The convivial atmosphere fosters responsible drinking and puts moderation into practice.” Additionally, a video was shared to announce the partnership.

CEVI, an important partner of Wine in Moderation and one of the historic founders of the Programme, celebrated its 20th anniversary, reaffirming its commitment to responsible wine consumption. Wine in Moderation materials were distributed during the event, which saw the presence of numerous MEPs, and EU officials, emphasising the importance of moderation and responsible drinking.

Bodegas de Argentina continued promoting the responsibility and moderation message in all its events, during Argentina’s Annual Forum, the Bonarda and Pinot Noir week, the Encuentro Regional Mendoza, the Harvest celebrations, and many more. The activities were planned , respecting the guidelines of the Wine in Moderation programme for responsible wine consumption, with informative brochures. Mineral water was distributed, and Bodegas de Argentina always shared a few words about Wine in Moderation and the importance of enjoying wine within a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The Malbec Day was also moderate and responsible, specific activities were organised inviting the public to learn more about the Malbec variety and wine in general, its history, culture and how to enjoy it responsibly. Lastly, the Argentinean National Coordinator also participated at the Congress of Wine Bars and Business to encourage wine bars to share the moderation message.

Sogrape was present at the event “Chefs on Fire”, to raise awareness about the risks of drinking and driving. Under the motto “Choose, Share, . Care”, Sogrape carried out breathalyser tests and handed out brochures containing guidelines for low-risk consumption, units of measurement and the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limits for driving in Portugal.

Past years’ appointments were repeated this year, such as Copa-Cogeca’s annual harvest event to present the upcoming trends, opportunities and challenges in the wine sector, which was followed by a wine tasting event where Wine in Moderation was invited to give out information on responsible and moderate drinking patterns and to present the important CSR movement.