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Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2023

Campaigns & Events

Communication Activities

Drawing inspiration from the rich culinary and cultural legacy of wine, both our campaigns and those of our members are dedicated to fostering moderation and responsibility in wine consumption, positioning it as a cultural and social standard. In 2023, we sustained well-organised and focused consumer awareness campaigns, we continued updating our website with new languages allowing visitors to now read all the information on the Wine in Moderation website in Czech, while also introducing new initiatives such as the first-ever Wine in Moderation Day.

The Wine in Moderation Day is a campaign organised by the Wine in Moderation Association to raise awareness of the responsible consumption of wine across multiple touchpoints and multiple targets. Built around the campaign “The greatest wine? The one that you will remember.”, the Wine in Moderation Day aims to celebrate the concept of moderation and highlight the importance of engaging consumers about the culture and the history of wine, while in-turn, encouraging and empowering consumers to make responsible choices and enjoy wine in moderation. Something that Wine in Moderation and its Members around the globe do all year long through a wide variety of communication and educational activities.

Sandro Sartor, President of Wine in Moderation said, “We are thrilled to see that this first edition was such a success. The campaign we have put together is built around the culture of wine and its appreciation: « The greatest wine? The one that you will remember. » An important message which was relayed and picked up by professionals, media, and consumers who all share our values for a sustainable culture of wine. Moderation is a value that we encourage all year-around and for which all our members work tirelessly every day, and we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate this important concept. We look forward to repeating this campaign next year with everything we’ve learned, and with more participating countries, establishing this international Wine in Moderation Day as a date not to be missed.”

For this first edition, the WiM Day campaign was shared by WiM Members and Supporters around the world creating an important buzz around the concept of moderate and responsible wine consumption. Over 100 posts on social media, countless articles online were published and are a testimony to the great response. Three pilot countries organised an additional series of actions: Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

member campaigns

Our members’ communication activities

As our dedication to encourage moderate and responsible wine consumption is as strong as ever, so are the efforts of our community of members and supporters. Every year, they launch a variety of initiatives, such as communication activities tailored to the diverse national contexts and languages in which the programme operates, effectively adapting the Wine in Moderation message.

at events

Alongside trade fairs, Wine in Moderation was also present at a number of different events around the world through the participation of both Wine in Moderation Secretariat and its members.

After its first participation at the 9th Masters of Wine Symposium which took place in 2018, Wine in Moderation was proud to renew the experience and be a part of the 10th Masters of Wine Symposium which took place in July 2023, which sought to take a critical look at the world of wine and its future, including sustainability. The Wine in Moderation brand was incorporated in the Symposium communication, and branded breathalysers were distributed in all the participants’ goodie bags

Our latest Ambassador Company, Mezzacorona, fully embraced Wine in Moderation by organizing a collaborative presentation in their premises where Luca Rigotti, the President of Gruppo Mezzacorona, and Sandro Sartor, the President of Wine in Moderation, delivered a joint presentation where they discussed the invaluable tools provided by Wine in Moderation to encourage responsible and moderate wine consumption, emphasizing the programme’s vital importance for the wine sector. President Luca Rigotti of the Mezzacorona Group also participated in a CSR event at Bocconi University early October where the focus of the roundtable discussion was on “Responsible consumption and shared commitment.”

Bodegas de Argentina continued to actively embrace the Wine in Moderation message by incorporating it in their activities, including the prestigious 4th Congress of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene considered as one of the nation’s premier events in this specialised field, but also by including information on moderate and responsible consumption in their exhibition booth, where the Wine in Moderation banner was placed, and responsible consumption guidelines presented.

In June, Sogrape embraced the theme “Choose. Share. Care.” as several initiatives dedicated to employees’ well-being, wine culture and conviviality were planned throughout the day. To celebrate the 15 years of the programme, the Sogrape Wine Academy organised an engaging guided tasting session, which was artfully paired with the dishes from the Mediterranean diet.

Travelling a bit further down to Lisbon, Ana Isabel Alves, executive director of ACIBEV was invited to present the topic “Wine in Moderation programme - threats of the wine sector” at ViniPortugal’s annual Forum where 15 minutes are dedicated to Wine in Moderation every year.

To continuously inform its great number of Supporters, the German Wine Academy organised its first Wine in Moderation members’ meeting in February. More than 40 participants from different areas of the wine sector came together to learn more about Wine in Moderation, but also the activities the National Coordinator organises yearly in this frame. This was a great opportunity to share best practices and engage with Supporters at national level.

Past years’ appointments were repeated this year, such as Copa-Cogeca’s annual harvest event to present the upcoming trends, opportunities and challenges in the wine sector which was followed by a wine tasting event where Wine in Moderation was invited to give out information on responsible and moderate drinking patterns and to present the important CSR movement.