Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2020

Campaigns and events

Our response to the covid-19 pandemic

To inform wine consumers how to best appreciate wine during this difficult period and help them cope responsibly, Wine in Moderation and its members launched a social media campaign to share its core message.

The campaign resulted in specific Instagram and Twitter posts providing tips on the importance of preventing alcohol abuse preventing abuse in this particular period; wine & food pairings, movies, books, hobby suggestions; happy responsible messages during a worldwide lockdown; recipes with / without wine; available free online wine courses, etc.

Similar campaigns were launched by WiM members around the world: From Bodegas de Argentina to ASOVINOS in Colombia and Vin et Société in France.

Bodegas de Argentina shifted their focus from social events to social media. Several communication activities were developed around the #Quedateencasa

Vin et Société campaigns focused on providing the main information on how to best enjoy wine during quarantine: “Yes to wine but always in moderation!”, also partnering with other actors of the sector such as the French Union of Sommeliers, with whom they organised Insta lives meetings called #TastewhileConfined

ASOVINOS developed three campaigns #Encasaconasovinos : to share responsible drinking messages during the lockdown, and #AcudimosATi - a campaign developed in cooperation with the gastronomy sector. The third campaign entitled “Pacto para saber vivir: Una copa de buenas decisiones” inviting consumers to enjoy wine responsibly, follow the safety measures and choose authorized locations to enjoy their glass of wine.

In addition, the WiM Association also made it an important point to inform the public about the effect of wine on COVID-19, confirming there was no scientific evidence showing that wine could have a positive effect on Covid-19.

Communication campaigns

HNT launched an educational campaign Good Wine encouraging young adults to privilege quality over quantity ; while Vin & Société continued spreading key information on who should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages through two campaigns: an awareness campaign on alcohol consumption during pregnancy bringing to the attention of pregnant women an important message: due to the risks that alcohol consumption represents for the health of the future babies, “as a precautionary measure, zero alcohol during pregnancy” and a joint campaign with French Supermarkets for the ban to sell alcohol to under-age people, targeting checkout staff, department heads and shop managers, and with the objective to raise awareness on the challenges of the ban on alcohol sales to under-18 and to provide guidelines to avoid possible conflicting situations.

Portugal also saw the launch of two important campaigns: a multichannel campaign was launched by ACIBEV at the end of the year No more no less on TV and internet with the aim to encourage the responsible consumption of wine before the Christmas and New Year’s period, and a promotional campaign was developed by AEVP to introduce Wine in Moderation’s new Brand strategy.

Following the update of the logo by Wine in Moderation, the Spanish Wine Interprofessional Organisation also revised the Spanish Wine Commercial Communication Code affecting the commercial communications for all national operators. This update was further publicised through a large national communication campaign encouraging all Supporters to update their tools and materials.

Participation at conferences and events

The Covid-19 may have forced us to stay home and cancel most of our travel plans, but it did not prevent us from organising meetings and participating at congresses. Thanks to our members, Wine in Moderation was indeed present in several wine expos and fairs around the world, most of them online. Among others: Essência do Vinho (Sogrape), Expo Vea Mendoza and Expo Vea Vendimia (Bodegas the Argentina), Expovinos Colombia, OIV CONUSA (Consumption, Nutrition and Health) meeting.

Sustainable culture of wine and moderate consumption: topics that remained at the heart of initiatives organised by our members like the KVNW Symposium on wine as part of a healthy and responsible lifestyle, a webinar on Responsible Advertising by DWA, the Wine in Moderation Forums organised by Bodegas de Argentina and Vinos the Chile, which focused on the Wine in Moderation programme and how to implement it at national level.

And last but not least, the WiM Association was also invited to participate virtually at Sogrape’s annual WiM week to present the latest updates on the Wine in Moderation programme and discuss the sustainability of the sector with other speakers present.

Our members’ great initiatives were also recognised with prizes: the Charter of wine for French wine clubs by Vin et Société was recognised by the French President Macron, while the Deutsche Weinakademie won the Promotional Gift Award with their Wine in Moderation breathalysers.

Scientific webinars

As it has been the case since the launch of the Programme more than a decade ago, science has been at the centre of all our actions. Three Scientific webinars were organised with the Wine Information Council to put forward the latest scientific evidence on important topics related to wine and health. The topics covered last year included the J-curve “No safe level of consumption – fact or fad”, “Wine drinking in context - any cancer risks?” and “Mediterranean diet – with or without wine?” and welcomed a great number of participants from around the world and different horizons.