Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2020

A word from our president and secretary general

Foreword by the president

2020, a year we certainly will not forget.

As we discovered the impact of lockdown on our personal lives, we were also faced with the issues our sector had to deal with, and the well-being of consumers around the world.

Recognised and referenced as a good practice by national, European, and international authorities alike who have applauded the initiative, it was important for us to continue assuming our leading role of informing and educating professionals and consumers especially during this pandemic.

Therefore, as the world was struggling to adjust to a new type of reality, Wine in Moderation continued working to inspire a sustainable culture of wine, encouraging the moderate and responsible consumption of wine products. Even though events, tastings and wine expos were cancelled one after the other, our members and our thousands of Supporters around the world found new ways to get our messages across. Social media campaigns were put together, informative campaigns were released, new partnerships emerged to highlight the need to enjoy wine in the context of a healthy lifestyle together with food and water, and consumers discovered new ways to connect and learn more about this agricultural product.

The key focuses laid out in this report here represent a small portion of our activities and the hours of work invested to develop them, but our main intention is to highlight the important commitment and effort that have been put into the Wine in Moderation Programme by all those involved, and which goes far beyond what is presented here.

As we enter a phase of reopening, we can only hope to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind us and to resume our daily lives. We would like to give a word of gratitude to all those who have contributed to making last year easier to bear and who have maintained and strengthened their commitment to the Wine in Moderation programme. And bid welcome to those who have recently joined us, we look forward to working hand in hand on our mission to encourage a sustainable culture of wine.

Sandro Sartor President of the WIM Association

Grape somewhere in a vineyard
Portrait of Sandro Sartor
Portrait of Nadia Frittella
People making pizzas and drinking wine

End note by the Secretary General

“The people change, but the vision remains strong, the purpose clear and the mission unwavering.”

As we celebrated the 10 years of the programme in 2018, it was indeed a great moment to take stock of everything that had been achieved so far, but most importantly to think about our way forward. Since the very beginning our aim has been to make a measurable contribution to the way people approach wine and to reduce alcoholrelated harm.

As we enter this new chapter of our history, we strive to continue to improve, evolve and achieve excellence. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our members, the WiM Association released a new Brand Strategy and a new Association strategy marking its way forward and laying the grounds for the future of the Wine in Moderation Programme.

When we entered 2020, little did we know we would face one of the biggest pandemics the world has ever seen, challenging nations around the world, our health systems, the economic sectors, and us individuals: for better or worse, 2020 is a year that will definitely be remembered.

Last but not least, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Board and more specifically Ursula Fradera and George Sandeman, two leaders who have helped shape Wine in Moderation from the moment it was merely an idea, to now, as it has become the worldwide movement that it is today. With this we also bid a warm welcome to our newly elected Board members, Mr. Sandro Sartor who joins as President and Mr. Henrico van Lammeren as Vice-President, and Noélie Genevery, Moët Hennessy, who was re-elected for a new mandate, continuing her tireless efforts, and contributing with her important knowledge and expertise.

Looking back at 2020, we feel blessed having so many achievements to be thankful for. A year of challenges for sure, but also and especially of growth and innovation, that have laid the groundwork for exciting new projects which will be developed in the upcoming years. As George Sandeman said at the closure of his mandate as President of Wine in Moderation: “The people change, but the vision remains strong, the purpose clear and the mission unwavering.”

We look forward to continuing working together towards a sustainable culture of wine inspiring healthy lifestyles and well-being.

Nadia Frittella Secretary General, WiM Association