Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2021

New in 2021

New Wine Communication Standards

One of our central tools has been the Wine Communication Standards, a code of conduct which works in tandem with existing self-regulation schemes and national legislations. These Wine Communication Standards have helped hundreds of wine professionals establish a responsible commercial communication over the years. However, the rise of the digital era emphasized the need to refresh this tool and add new features.

A refreshed and user-friendly adaptation of the sector self-regulation code

The first step consisted in updating the standards both visually and content-wise, which resulted in a refreshed and more accessible version of the sector’s self-regulation document with guidelines and principles that help wine professionals understand the dos and don’ts in commercial communication.

In parallel, a Digital Annex was also created, providing specific guidelines to follow when developing content for online use (website, social media, etc.).

All entities that join Wine in Moderation (members and supporters alike) are invited to adhere to the Wine Communication Standards principles, use the Wine in Moderation logo and responsible message in their communication. All documents are available in the reserved area of our website, for our members and supporters.


2021 was a year of growth both for the Association, but also for the Wine in Moderation programme around the world.

We were extremely proud to welcome Ruffino which became the fourth company to hold the prestigious title of Wine in Moderation Ambassador Company, strengthening its commitment to social responsibility and the reach of the moderation message inside the company.

We were also very pleased to announce that the International Association of Sommeliers (ASI) joined the movement as a Partner to work together in raising knowledge on wine, responsible drinking, and healthy lifestyles within the wine sector. Bringing together the national sommelier associations from over 60 countries, the new partnership with ASI will increase the reach of the Wine in Moderation message among wine professionals all over the world.


In parallel to the addition of these two important entities, 2021 was also the occasion to re-connect with all our existing supporters around the world. Taking the opportunity of the new Wine in Moderation website and Community map, which was further upgraded during the year, the Secretariat and its National Coordinators launched a re-registration campaign, inviting all the wineries active in the programme to renew and publicly show their commitment to Wine in Moderation.

This wave of re-registration accompanied by a large communication campaign also encouraged hundred of entities linked to the wine value chain, ranging from wine companies to wine writers and wine shop owners to discover the movement, register as supporters and continue spreading the moderation message. As the programme grows around the globe, so does our motivation to continue sharing a sustainable culture of wine.

Intranet & tools sharing

2021 was the year the new Wine in Moderation website was released, featuring a modernized design with clear information and new functionalities to help consumers and professionals make well-informed decisions when it comes to enjoying wine and to encourage a sustainable culture of wine.

About Our new webtools

For more information on how to use the intranet, we invite you to take a look at the video which explains everything in a step-by-step approach. The video is available on our YouTube channel.

Digital Report

As accountability remains high on our agenda, we have been looking for ways to make the programme’s performance and results more accessible to a wider audience. A digital version of the report was thus developed, one click away for any professional, stakeholder or consumer that would like to have a look at what the Wine in Moderation community achieved in the year 2020.

The digital version of the report is a user-friendly micro-site where people have access, not only to the most relevant information included in the print version, but also to extra content, thanks to the clickable links redirecting to all the successful initiatives, events and campaigns carried out by the Secretariat and our members around the world. The digital version of the 2020 annual report is available on our website, while the archive of our past Implementation Reports can also be found on the platform.

Given how well it was received, it was also decided to continue developing both a print and a digital version, you will therefore have the possibility to view this new report online as well.