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Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2022

Key achievements in 2022

in 2022

The year 2022 marked the return of wine fairs after a two-year break. In an increasingly digitalised world, trade fairs play an important role in connecting professionals and getting messages across. From Germany to Italy, Columbia, Portugal, France and Lithuania, Wine in Moderation was present at an important number of fairs with lots of activities.

Presence at wine fairs &
others: growing over time

  • The Wine in Moderation team was present with a stand for the first time and took the opportunity to get in touch directly with the sector, promoting the Programme and presenting the mission and vision of the movement to professionals from all over the world. Visitors engaged in interactive games, enjoyed aromatised water, and took home pins with the message: CHOOSE | SHARE | CARE.

    Various materials were distributed, containing the Wine in Moderation message and guidelines, information on the Association and how to join, etc. and contacts were made. The Executive Director of ProWein at the time, Michael Degen, even joined our President, Sandro Sartor, for an engaging conversation livestreamed on Instagram where the importance of working in synergy to promote responsible consumption during such events was discussed.

    As every year, our German National Coordinator, the Deutsche Weinakademie, promoted the Programme at their stand, handing out breathalysers to visitors to monitor their BAC level, and offering low-alcohol wines and snacks to accompany their tastings. Finally, supporters also actively promoted the Programme by proudly showing their commitment. The experience was positive, expanding our reach and facilitating valuable networking opportunities.

    ... and if you weren’t there, but are curious about our stand, check out this video

  • Vinitaly returned for its 54th edition after a long wait, with events, walk-around tastings, specific theme areas, as well as focus meetings to analyse main markets. Following the success of the past editions,Unione Italiana Vini promoted once again its initiative In Vino Virtus in collaboration with the Italian police throughout the whole exhibition. A well-known social awareness campaign, In Vino Virtus aimed at promoting the values of moderate and conscious drinking and safe driving to counter the phenomenon of drink-driving.

    In parallel, FEDERVINI and Unione Italiana Vini, brought the Wine in Moderation programme to the attention of this international audience through a number of events organised in joint collaboration. Among others, a round table was organised, “The culture of wine: a Mediterranean model” where sector experts, scientists and representatives of national authorities and European institutions discussed the Italian consumption model and drinking pattern, the importance of the socio-cultural value of wine for the Italian territories and the importance of defending and promoting its image and its millenary history. Among the speakers, Sandro Sartor, Wine in Moderation President. The U-label platform developed by CEEV- Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins (one of our founding members) and spiritsEUROPE, was also introduced together with all its features, including the possibility for wine producers to include the Wine in Moderation logo on their electronic label raising further awareness on responsible consumption among their customers.

  • The 2022 editions of the Maridaje gastronomy and wine fair and Expovinos embraced the Wine in Moderation message through various activities. With more than 25.000 visitors each, these fairs were a unique opportunity to share the message of responsible and moderate wine consumption where flyers, as well as thousands of bottles of water were handed out. With the goal to target the topic of sustainability in general, ASOVINOS also raised awareness about the reuse of corks and wine bottles during the EXPOVINOS trade fair where it took the opportunity to unveil its new pillar, emphasising sustainability – a defining concept that aligns with their commitment to preserving the planet. This comprehensive approach includes responsible wine consumption as one of the association’s key covid-19 priorities, alongside recycling, reusing, reducing, repairing, and recovering resources.

  • ACIBEV actively participated in three wine fairs in Lisbon to raise awareness among consumers about the importance of moderation and the risks associated with drinking and driving with its latest social responsibility initiative: a driving simulator feigning driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Under the motto “If You Drink, Don’t Drive!”, ACIBEV, in collaboration with the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), effectively conveyed the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol to thousands of visitors and conducted over 1,500 breathalyser tests.

    Sogrape was present at the Essência do Vinho wine fair, where it returned to offer breathalyser tests, an interactive initiative to make visitors aware of their BAC levels during the fair. Along with the breathalyser tests, brochures, which contained guidelines for low-risk consumption, drink units and the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limits for driving in Portugal, were handed out to visitors.

  • Vin et Société promotes responsible consumption at the 2022 Paris International Agricultural Show Attendees of the 2022 Paris International Agricultural Show discovered the campaign “A good wine can be served with anything, never without moderation”. Signed by The Men and Women of the Vine and Wine, the campaign was launched early 2021 to promote the link between wine, food, and moderation. During the show, the audience was invited to take the quiz “What kind of foodista are you?” on the campaign website to discover their foodista profile(s) and what kind of moderate wine drinker they are. Four original recipes and their associated wine pairings were then suggested along with the opportunity to discover the other profiles.

  • Vyno Dienos, the international wine and drinks exhibition, returned in 2022 to showcase wines and spirits from around the world. With over 4,000 attendees, the event focused on responsible wine consumption with the participation of the Sommelier School of Lithuania, where responsible wine consumption took centre stage. Various measures were implemented to promote responsible practices, including the use of spittoons, free distribution of water, and encouraging visitors to use public transport after the exhibition.

    Informative materials were widely disseminated, featuring videos, printed resources, and even short wine tasting courses open to all attendees. These courses not only introduced consumers with no formal wine education to the world of wine but also conveyed the Wine in Moderation message.

    As a thoughtful touch, visitors were invited to measure their blood alcohol content (BAC) before leaving the exhibition at the station, raising awareness about responsible alcohol consumption and drink driving.


Training in wine, health and responsible business practices targeting wine professionals continued and expanded. In addition to the trainings that were launched in a number of countries in 2021 and previous years, members have started increasing their partnerships with the goal to target an increasing number of professionals.

The Spanish Wine Federation signed not one but two cooperation projects. In partnership with the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), they launched a master’s degree in wine tourism covering social responsibility and the Wine in Moderation programme. The programme aims to educate professionals in the wine sector about sustainable wine tourism strategies and the importance of social responsibility, and includes a module dedicated to Wine in Moderation. The master’s degree will provide students with the knowledge and skills to create memorable wine tourism experiences while incorporating digital interactions and promoting social and environmental sustainability.

In parallel, FEV organised summer courses in collaboration with Madrid’s Complutense University including talks on sustainability and the relation between wine and health. The courses featured presentations on innovation, sustainability, and the effects of moderate wine consumption on health. The initiative aimed to raise awareness of responsible wine consumption among university students.

The “Greek Wine Academy”, successfully developed by EDOAO, brought moderate wine consumption to the attention of professionals. Among the main actions of the programme, a training addressing professionals working in the HO.RE.CA, retail and wine tourism sectors in Greece and Germany with a focus on Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) - Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wines and moderate consumption of wine.

In 2022, Vin et Société also started working on a dedicated training programme for future wine professionals. Through a series of five different challenges, 16-to 20-year-old wine students are educated about responsible and moderate drinking. The pilot training was divided in five sessions and was very well received by the participants.


2022 was a year of growth both for the Association, but also for the Wine in Moderation programme around the world.

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  • We were very happy to welcome yet another National Coordinator in 2022, strengthening the programme’s reach in Central Europe. The Czech National Wine Centre was the 14th entity to join the WiM Association in their quality of National Coordinator committing to promote responsible wine consumption and implementing the Programme at national level.

  • In the frame of our new membership scheme, we also took the opportunity to reconnect with our partners and were thrilled to renew our partnership with the Institute of Masters of Wine.

    Since our initial partnership in 2016, both Wine in Moderation and the Institute of Masters of Wine have grown and expanded, leading to an updated action plan. The focus will be on covid-19 and education, with a shared mission to promote moderation and social responsibility. This partnership will involve joint actions, up-to-date information dissemination, and integration of educational projects to reach a wider audience.

  • Terroir Moselle was the first association of its kind to partner with Wine in Moderation. A joint initiative of producers, institutional, and tourism actors of the European vineyards of the Moselle region in France, Luxembourg, and Germany, Terroir Moselle will focus on the covid-19 of the responsible message and the empowerment of regional professionals and will seek to include Wine in Moderation horizontally in all its actions.


Dagmar Fialová, marketing director of the National Wine Centre , and responsible for the implementation of the Wine in Moderation programme in the Czech Republic, commented at the time of their adhesion:

“The Czech Republic is a rather small country and our wine sector seems to be even smaller, however, wine has a strong presence in our culture and belongs to our nature and history, therefore it seemed only logical to join the Wine in Moderation movement as we realise, that responsible wine drinking together with an overall awareness about general sustainability is the only way forward.”


Julian Gore-Booth, Executive Director of the Institute of Masters of Wine, commented

“The IMW is proud to partner with the WiM Association and we look forward to working together on our commitment to raising knowledge on wine, responsible drinking and healthy lifestyles.”


Ségolène Charvet, Manager of Terroir Moselle commented,

“We share the excitement to partner up with Wine in Moderation and support the common efforts of the sector to promote responsible consumption patterns. At Terroir Moselle, we are firm believers that wine should be enjoyed in moderation and as part of a balanced lifestyle, and we look forward to being a part of the movementand showing our commitment to the sustainability of the wine sector.”

sustainable wine

Considering the importance of including responsible and moderate wine consumption in the larger debate about sustainability, it seemed only logical for the association to join the Sustainable Wine Roundtable. As a part of this coalition, Wine in Moderation contributes to promoting global wine sustainability and allows us to engage in working groups, forums, and research on social sustainability.

In parallel, the Programme continued to welcome new supporters linked to the wine value chain, ranging from wine companies to wine writers and wine shop owners. Located worldwide, the supporters continue spreading the moderation message and educating their professionals and consumers. As the Programme grows, so does our motivation to continue sharing a sustainable culture of wine.

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With sustainability at the core of our mission, it seemed only natural for Bodegas de Argentina to be dedicated to addressing environmental, social, and economic sustainability in viticulture through its Sustainability Protocol, which was updated in 2022 to include a dedicated section on Wine in Moderation, further promoting responsible consumption to enhance the visibility of the Wine in Moderation programme. The protocol, which applies nationally, places great emphasis on responsible production, marketing practices, and the importance of reducing the environmental footprint.

Vin & Société conducted a survey to explore French people’s connection between wine and eating habits. It revealed that wine holds a unique place in French society, strongly associated with meals and conviviality. Over 70% of respondents believe that a good meal is the best opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine. Samuel Montgermont, President of Vin & Société, emphasized the central role of wine in French culinary experiences and insisted on the “this specific status that explains the mature relationship that the French have today with wine”.