Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2020

A year in numbers

Key numbers

535,099 € 348,406 € 7,131,516 €
2020 total results
Management resources
  • Overall staff cost
  • Management - Coordination expenses
Management resources
  • Communication (incl. WCS)
    Information Activities/Tools

Total cost

8,186,135 €

Empower professionals


Training in wine, health and responsible business practices targeting wine professionals continued and expanded in far more countries. Partnerships with the wine, hospitality, and therapeutic sectors continuously improve competencies in responsible serving and moderate consumption. Under the coordinated efforts of all WiM actors, the Wine in Moderation training is being formalised within key vocational training curricula.

  • 2,453

    Number of trained professionals

  • 21

    Number of active “Art de Vivre” educational program providers

  • 1,094

    Number of active “Art de Vivre” trainings

  • 3

    Number of WIC-related events

  • 155

    Number of participants WIC-related events

  • 278

    N° of new scientific articles in the WIC database

  • 287

    Number of WIC-related disseminated materials

Scientific documentation

The website acts as an online database gathering all the relevant studies on health, social and cultural aspects of wine consumption. In 2020, 278 new scientific abstracts were added to our database selected on the basis of the ANZFA criteria and under the supervision of the Wine Information Council. No less than three WIC scientific webinars were organised to present the latest available scientific information on key topics related to wine and health with over 150 participants and almost 300 WIC related disseminated materials.

The knowledge gained from this information has backed all the communication and material developed by Wine in Moderation, our messages, and education programmes.

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Encourage moderation & responsibility

At Wine in Moderation, our main objective is to provide one common message to the wine sector that speaks to all wine consumers across borders, generations, and gender regardless of where and when they consume wine.


Educating consumers who appreciate wine, to do so moderately and responsibly, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle by providing them with balanced information on the risks of abuse and misuse of alcoholic beverages and the benefits of moderate consumption of wine.

In 2020, less direct actions were organised due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nonetheless online and multimedia campaigns were put together to continue encouraging the moderate consumption of wine and new tools were developed.

  • 112

    Number of Wine in Moderation actions

  • 519,067

    Number of participants in different Wine in Moderation communication activities

  • 499,749

    Number of disseminated communication products (incl. pamphlets, newsletter)