Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2023

A year in numbers

Key numbers

2023 total results
4.714.498 € 757,780 € 800,127 €

Total cost

6.894.995 €

Management resources
  • Overall staff cost (800,127 €)
  • Management - Coordination expenses (757,780 €)
Activities financial resources
  • Communication (incl. WCS)
    Information Activities/Tools (4 714,498 €)
  • Education & Training (459,441 €)
  • Wine Information Council (163,149 €)

Empower professionals


Education of wine professionals plays a crucial role for the sustainable and responsible consumption of wine and has been a central part of Wine in Moderation since the very beginning.

However, 2023 marked the year where Wine in Moderation officially announced the launch of a new complete and thorough training programme called “From responsible service to a sustainable consumption of wine”. This training presented during ProWein & Vinitaly, is built around nine training modules on a variety of topics ranging from wine and health to responsible service and wine tourism; and will thus be valuable to the larger wine value chain. Available both in face-to-face training and in digital format, the training will be adapted to national legislation and culture wherever a National Coordinator exists.

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Scientific documentation

Scientific information has also been at the heart of the Wine in Moderation programme since the very beginning as we have always taken care that all the information available on the Wine in Moderation website, but also in our material and educational programmes, is based on the latest available scientific data.

The newly redesigned website was announced in October 2023 , reinforcing its commitment to deliver the latest up-to-date scientific information on wine (in the context of a balanced diet and lifestyle) and health issues. The new website bears a fresh identity, improved navigation, and innovative features, ensuring that visitors can easily access the available information. New features include a new and modernised WIC logo, a better user experience and an improved newsletter function. For more information on our key activities on science, visit our section dedicated to our key achievements in 2023.

The website acts as an online database gathering all the relevant studies on health, social and cultural aspects of wine consumption. Whenever possible, articles of highest scientific evidence are added to the database, 73 new scientific abstracts were added to the database in 2023, selected based on the pyramid of evidence and under the supervision of the Wine Information Council. Through the website the latest scientific news is made available -edited by our scientific coordinator- on the most recent topics regarding wine and health. 21 articles were published in 2023 and disseminated through the Wine in Moderation monthly newsletter. Factsheets presenting the latest information and data on specific topics with a summary of the available research and statistics, as well as interviews of scientific experts are also publicly available on the website.


Encourage moderation & responsibility

At Wine in Moderation, our primary aim is to convey one common message that resonates with all wine consumers, going beyond borders, generations, and gender, regardless of the time or place they enjoy wine.


helps us encourage moderation and well-being while supporting the sustainability of the wine sector.

Our set of tools and services continues to expand, with the introduction of action packages tailored for our members and supporters. These packages address crucial topics such as responsible communication and wine tourism or serve as guides for newcomers looking to participate in the Wine in Moderation programme.

2023 also marked the first edition of the Wine in Moderation Day. With this day we aim to educate and empower consumers to enjoy wine responsibly and in moderation by sharing the culture of wine. Organised around the global campaign: “The greatest wine? The one that you’ll remember.” the objective was to raise awareness about the responsible consumption of wine across multiple touchpoints and multiple targets. For more information, we invite you to take a look at the section hereunder dedicated to our key achievements.

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