Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2021

Ongoing actions and key numbers


2021 total results
9,201,381 € 508,435 € 688,405 €

Total cost

10,630,711 €

Management resources
  • Overall staff cost (688,405 €)
  • Management - Coordination expenses (508,435 €)
Activities financial resources
  • Communication (incl. WCS)
    Information Activities/Tools (9,201,381 €)
  • Education & Training (126,750 €)
  • Wine Information Council (105,740 €)

Empower professionals


Training in wine, health and responsible business practices targeting wine professionals continued and new draft trainings were developed.

A number of trainings was also launched by our National Coordinators around the world, for instance a webinar on social media rules in wine advertising by the Deutsche Weinakademie, a series of workshops for wine professionals by Bodegas de Argentina, a digital training by Sogrape for their staff, a session on moderation and scientific-based evidence by OIVE and FIVIN: these are only a few examples of the initiatives undertaken by our members to promote responsible business practices among wine professionals. In parallel, partnerships with the wine, hospitality, and other sectors continuously improve competencies in responsible service and moderate consumption.

Last, but not least, 2021 was also dedicated to the development of a complete and thorough training programme on the topics of responsible service, communication, and wine & health. This training, developed by the Wine in Moderation Secretariat with the help of a working group, is expected to be launched soon.

  • 2983

    Number of trained professionals

  • 187

    Number of active “Art de Vivre” trainings

  • 3

    Number of WIC-related events

  • 5.426

    Number of visitors in the WIC website

  • 215

    Number of participants

  • 118

    N° of new scientific articles in the WIC database

  • 435

    Number of WIC-related disseminated materials

Scientific documentation

The website acts as an online database gathering all the relevant studies on health, social and cultural aspects of wine consumption. In 2021, 118 new scientific abstracts were added to our database selected on the basis of the ANZFA criteria and under the supervision of the Wine Information Council. Through the website we also share the latest scientific news -edited by our scientific coordinatoron the most trending topics regarding Wine & Health. 16 articles were published in 2021 and disseminated through our monthly newsletter. Factsheets presenting the latest information and data on specific topics with a summary of the available research and statistics, as well as interviews of scientific experts are also publicly available on the website.

Scientific Webinars: initiated in 2020, these webinars have taken place three times per year to inform about important topics related to wine and health. In 2021 a total of 215 participants took part in the three webinars where scientific experts presented the latest research on the following topics: “Wine and COVID-19: fake news or facts?”; “Wine and weight management - is it possible?”; “Moderate drinking – is it still a healthy lifestyle choice?”.

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Encourage moderation & responsibility

At Wine in Moderation, our main objective is to provide one common message to the wine sector that speaks to all wine consumers across borders, generations, and gender regardless of where and when they consume wine.

The new Brand Strategy, message and visual identity that were released at the end of 2019, led to the creation of a new tagline “WINE IN MODERATION, CHOOSE | SHARE | CARE” and laid the groundwork for the renewal of our messages and communication materials.


A new beginning for Wine in Moderation, as we bring the message closer to professionals and consumers, making it more relevant, while still, as always, encouraging moderation and well-being and supporting the sustainability of rural viticultural areas.

We continue offering a portfolio of products and services that evolve with our members’ needs and demands. We also keep developing new channels to reach consumers and empower them to adopt moderate and responsible consumption patterns.

As was the case in 2020, 2021 was once again defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a reduced number of direct actions. However, the use of digital tools and media was maximised to optimize the results and continue expanding the reach of the Wine in Moderation programme and message.

  • 2223

    Number of Wine in Moderation actions

  • 1.227,988

    Number of participants in different Wine in Moderation communication activities

  • 620,841

    Disseminated communication products (incl. pamphlets, newsletter)