Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2022

A year in numbers

Key numbers

2022 total results
8,994,980 € 500,794 € 698,750 €

Total cost

10,624,775 €

Management resources
  • Overall staff cost (698,750 €)
  • Management - Coordination expenses (500,794 €)
Activities financial resources
  • Communication (incl. WCS)
    Information Activities/Tools (8,994,980 €)
  • Education & Training (313,862 €)
  • Wine Information Council (116,389 €)

Empower professionals


Training in wine, health and responsible business practices targeting wine professionals continued and new draft trainings were developed with the goal to be launched in 2023.

The year 2022 was also dedicated to the development of a complete and thorough training programme “From responsible service to a sustainable consumption of wine”. This training, developed by the Wine in Moderation Secretariat with the help of a working group, is expected to be launched in the course of 2023 and was presented in the occasion of the 43rd OIV Congress on the topic of “Current challenges: sustainability, COVID and climate change” which took place in Mexico. The various modules of the new Wine in Moderation education tool for wine professionals were presented, and the fact that education of all wine professionals plays an important role for a sustainable and responsible consumption of wine was also highlighted. The presentation triggered many questions which shows the important interest in this topic but also the need for education about sustainable wine consumption.

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  • 682

    “Art de Vivre”

  • 2

    WIC-related events

  • 5.383

    Visitors in the
    WIC website

  • 320

    in WIC-related events

  • 176

    Scientific articles
    in the WIC database

  • 320

    WIC- related
    disseminated materials

Scientific documentation

The website acts as an online database gathering all the relevant studies on health, social and cultural aspects of wine consumption. In 2022, 176 new scientific abstracts were added to our database, selected based on the ANZFA criteria and under the supervision of the Wine Information Council. Through the website we also share the latest scientific news -edited by our scientific coordinator- on the most trending topics regarding wine and health.

18 articles were published in 2022 and disseminated through our monthly newsletter. Factsheets presenting the latest information and data on specific topics with a summary of the available research and statistics, as well as interviews of scientific experts are also publicly available on the website. All the information available on the Wine in Moderation website, but also in our material and educational programmes, is based on the latest available scientific data.


Encourage moderation & responsibility

At Wine in Moderation, our main objective is to provide one common message that speaks to all wine consumers across borders, generations, and gender regardless of where and when they consume wine.

Created in the frame of the new Wine in Moderation brand strategy which was released at the end of 2019, the new visual identity and tagline:


have been fully integrated by Wine in Moderation’s members and supporters around the world.

The new message continues to encourage moderation and well-being while supporting the sustainability of the sector and adopts a fresher and more modern look and intake.

Our portfolio of products and services continues to grow with the addition of action packages made available to members and supporters. These new action packages touch upon important topics such as responsible communication and wine tourism or are simply used with the aim to welcome newcomers by explaining how to take action in the frame of the Wine in Moderation programme.

grapes picto

After two years of COVID-19 pandemic, we were glad to see the resumption of events and direct actions, particularly in the frame of wine tourism. Nonetheless, the use of digital tools and media continued to expand to optimise results and increase the reach of the Programme.

  • 706

    Wine in Moderation actions

  • 2,142,082

    Participants in different Wine in Moderation communication activities

  • 1,863,176

    Disseminated communication products (incl. pamphlets, newsletter)