Wine in moderation

Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2020

Key achievements 2020

A new brand strategy

The new Brand Strategy, message and visual identity that were released at the end of 2019, are a result of a year-long reflection at the conclusion of Wine in Moderation´s 10th year in existence: the result of a series of innovative events, where members, partners and key experts came together to co-create the future of Wine in Moderation.

Supporting professionals to inspire a sustainable culture of wine

During the development of this new Brand Strategy and communication, it was clear that Wine in Moderation should continue supporting wine professionals to inspire a sustainable culture of wine through sound scientific evidence and the responsible service training of professionals.

The WiM Association will continue to work with professionals who want to make a difference using innovative tools, sharing good practices and opportunities to take tangible and relevant actions to help their customers make informed decisions.

  • The new Brand Strategy also saw the advent of a new tagline: “CHOOSE I SHARE I CARE” and a new message. This evolution marks a new beginning for Wine in Moderation as we bring the message closer to professionals and consumers, making it more relevant, encouraging moderation and well-being, while supporting the sustainability of rural viticultural areas.

  • With our new Brand Strategy also came an innovative visual identity. The updated Brand Strategy came to life through a new modern visual identity and colourful icons bringing a wave of modernity and freshness to our Brand

  • We also took the opportunity to give the Wine in Moderation logo a small facelift to give it a more modern look in line with our new visual identity and encompassing our new tagline “CHOOSE I SHARE I CARE”.

  • Last but not least, an internal campaign was launched to promote this new Brand Strategy among the WiM Association members and the WiM Supporters around the world to encourage a smooth and visible transition.

A new association strategy

In parallel to the new Brand Strategy, the need to develop a new Association strategy became evident to define the priorities of the WiM Association for the next five years.

The new Association Strategy was developed in the course of 2020, carefully assessing the needs of the association and its members, but also bearing in mind the increasing need to develop tools and services to continue spreading the reach of the Wine in Moderation programme and facilitate its implementation.

With this new Association Strategy, we aim to continue offering a portfolio of products and services that evolve with our members’ needs and demands. We strive to create materials that are right for our professionals and that contribute to encouraging a sustainable culture of wine.

The strategy evolves around three main axes

  • We aim to be the main source when it comes to the moderate and responsible consumption of wine, while we continue reinforcing our presence on digital media (website, social media, newsletter, etc.).

  • As our ambition states, we aim to become a movement, imparting respect for wine as a product of culture among people who choose to drink and enjoy it as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

    To do so, we will develop new training tools that will be the central source of information for any training on wine, health, and responsible drinking, and we will develop action packages that will encourage the implementation of Wine in Moderation and make it as easy as possible for all our actors, whichever their background is. In parallel, we will continue to provide guidance to our members and supporters around the world.

  • Accountability remains high on our agenda. Therefore, we aim to continue helping Wine in Moderation members define their priorities and develop plans of action while supporting their effort to measure and assess the Programme’s performance and results at national level to consolidate our reach and credibility at international level.

A new Wine in Moderation website

In the frame of the new Brand Strategy, Wine in Moderation unveiled a brand-new website featuring a modernised design with new functionalities and clear information to help consumers and professionals alike make well-informed decisions to enjoy wine in moderation and to encourage a sustainable culture of wine.

The new website brings together all the Wine in Moderation members and Supporters around one single platform available in no less than 12 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Swedish, Greek, Hungarian and Russian), which also offers a nationally tailored message.